About the Film

“Are laws allowing euthanasia and assisted suicide

leading society down a dangerous path?”

A thought-provoking journey through Europe and North America to ask one of the most fundamental philosophical questions of our time: should we be giving doctors the right in law to end the life of others by euthanasia or assisted suicide? Filmmaker Kevin Dunn uses powerful testimonies and expert opinion from both sides of the issue to uncover how these highly disputed laws affect society over time.


We’ve all heard the tragic and much publicized stories of people who have asked for an assisted death here in North America. Heartbreaking cases. Some of these cases have made their way to the top courts of the land to overturn longstanding criminal laws on what used to be classified as homicide. Since 1998, five countries and six US states have passed laws making an assisted death legal under certain criteria. Victoria, Australia and Hawaii, USA are the most recent jurisdictions to adopt assisted dying laws. Almost every country in the world is discussing some form of legalization and America is “at a tipping point”. 

This film is not out to demonize doctors, advocates –  or anyone for that matter. In fact, most doctors want nothing to do with assisted death. However a small minority do, and the number is growing.  Rather, this film is about the adoption of – and resistance to – a new cultural philosophy that may affect you at the most vulnerable time of your life.

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