‘Flawless’ Film Reviews from Around the World

As screenings of Fatal Flaws continue throughout the world, we’ve been overwhelmed by positive responses from high-profile individuals from both medical and legal professions internationally.  As you consider a screening in your area, we invite you to read  what others are saying about the film:    “Slippery slope arguments have often been criticized as philosophically… Continue Reading

Fatal Flaws Screening in Channel Islands Helps Defeat Vote on Assisted Suicide

“During the government debate there was a moving moment when Deputy Graham McKinley,  after announcing he had seen the Fatal Flaws film on Alderney, and how moved he was by it,  bravely explained why he was abandoning the Requete.”     – Dr. Carmen Wheatley,  Executive Director, Assisted Living, Guernsey (UK) I had always hoped this film would be… Continue Reading

Premiere Screening, Ottawa May 8

We are pleased to announce our premiere screening in Ottawa on Tuesday, May 8! The night will also feature a roundtable discussion following the film. Get your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/fatal-flaws-premiere-screening-… 7PM SCREENING ‘FATAL FLAWS” “Are laws allowing euthanasia and assisted suicide leading society down a dangerous path?” Over the past two years, filmmaker Kevin Dunn… Continue Reading