Fatal Flaws Picked Up by International Distributor – SidewaysFilm

Sideways (1)We are pleased to announce that Fatal Flaws has just been picked up by a respected international film distributor, Sideways Film in the UK.  This week, Sideways takes the film to Cannes for MIPCOM –  one of the industry’s premiere international content markets – where broadcasters and content distribution platforms like Amazon and NETFLIX seek out content.  I had met with Sideways in Washington D.C. in January of this year at another market, Real Screen.  They impressed me very much by their selective attitude towards the films they represent and the time they spent with me getting to know the subject matter.  Here’s what Sideways had to say about the film:
 ” Thank you very much for sharing this film.  I like it very much and I think your approach is the right level of being pointed – in the sense that its more than clear what your view is, but not dogmatic to the point where the viewer may doubt your ability to see other perspectives. What I’m saying is that this adds to the debate in a way that is useful even to those who would advocate euthanasia / assisted suicide, perhaps changing their minds entirely or perhaps identifying their own red-lines, and the question of whether its legalisation is ever a risk worth taking. It’s the first documentary I have come across that challenges Euthanasia and I suppose that is because historically docs have tended to challenge the status quo – and it’s still almost the status quo – but it is now a debate that requires what is now a dissenting voice. This film is clearly made with passion, but also professionalism. Aurelia’s story I find especially upsetting.


We take just 12 films a year and so rely on their success. I wouldn’t want to partner if I didn’t believe in it. We turn down great films that have no market value but this one I believe we can place successfully with a fair number of clients globally.” – Kazz Basma, Head of Sales and Acquisitions


My DP, editor and dear friend, Chris Atkins at One Media has graciously helped us create a 60 minute version for television.  Here’s the trailer, which includes some new clips not seen in the feature version. We’ve already had interest from as far away as Australia.  I’m excited to see where this new partnership will take the film.
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